Samstag, 1. Oktober 2011

Waterfront Bremen

Hello Lovelies,
today was such a gorgeous day! Me and my friends Laura & Annika had a nice shopping-trip in Waterfront Bremen. Its a nice shopping center with a little veranda made like a beach. 

But of course the imporntants thing to do was SHOPPING i found so many beautiful things but i cam't buy all the things. Here are some stuff I baught today, love it!!

Ball earings - H&M

make up brushes - Douglas

watch ring - New Yorker

nail polish 450 Sand Francisco - Catrice

Lipliner 854 Pale Pink - NYX

Terra Del Sol Bronxing Powder 4 -  Douglas

Shirts - New Yorker

Sorry for the bad pictures of the clothes, but its too dark and a bad light in my room so i can't made a big picture ... but I promise to do some reviews and to show some outfits next time ! (:

Well guys I also visited my favorite  place in Waterfront. Starbucks! Love the Caramel hot Chocolate ;)

xoxo Olja


  1. this post & the photos ! :)

  2. die ohrringe von H&M wollt ich mir auch holen (gibts ja auch mit weißer kugel)- sind die schwer?
    bei manchen ohrringen denkt man ja echt, die ohren fallen einem gleich ab :D