Dienstag, 13. September 2011

The Oscar goes to ....

Ley|a ! 

Yes, the picture I draw shows Charlize Theron :


Tanks for the lovely words and also the clue of Tamina - you're right the eyebrows are narrower ;)
I think I also did the facial features a little bit false :D
But I try to get better bit by bit !

I also want to present you a new eyeshadow, I baught yesterday :

Catrice Limited Edition Papagena - Rumble In The Jungle  

1. Light, warm green
2. Dark yellow - ochre shade
3. Intense purple
4. Dark, silver-green

Rumble in the Jungle is the right name for the eyeshadow, the colours intense & exotic.
The texture is powdery but not so smooth like  it says on the back of the Shadow.

xoxo Olja


  1. Love your header !
    Love S.

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  2. Ich mag dein Design, ist mal etwas anderes, ganz toll.