Dienstag, 6. September 2011

Wish me luck !

Hello lovelies,
actually I didn't want to right a post tonight, but then I found a great giveaway of http://inlovewithfashion.com in collaboration with Schanh Diu Fashion: ♥ . In this lottery you have to choose one of the 160 lovely dresses from the brand: LOVE and make a post or write comment on Schanh Diu Fashion: ♥, which one of these great dresses you would love to have. There you can find a lot of others beautiful dresses & clothes with all sorts of colours, cuts and styles ;) Take a look!

To the giveaway:

My decision:

It was love at first sight, when I saw this fantastic dress ! This piece is flashy, but not one of this 'omg-my-eyes-hurt-cause-of-this-all-colours!! -flashy. It's decent, smart, fashionable and sexy ! The colour named Mocha is gorgeous and would look (on my mind) great on my skin. The highligh of this dress are cut-outs on the both sides of the waist, wich make your outfit sexy and a little bit provocative. 

Hope I get this dress, wish me luck !
And/or take a look and choose your own dream-dress ;)

xoxo Olja