Donnerstag, 15. September 2011

English tests & Kardashian sisters ...

Hey guy,
the last time I didn't have so much time to check out your comments and blogs, because I'm a little bit stressed ...don't know why, school is dumb, we have english-test were they check out our skills about speaking & writing, which is important for getting a job and our future and stuff like that ... thats why I (try to) write my blog in english AND 'cause some of my visitors are from USA and England, so the can understand my posts, too ... I hope so! :D

Today I just want to give you a lttle insight of the Sherri Hill fashion show in NYC, where the little sister of Kim Kardashian walked for. I think Kendall should practice a little bit, but with the support of Kim she can make own experience in the model-business and maybe she will be the next-big-thing, what do you think?

Well I love the pictures of her and favorable in this dress:

xoxo Olja

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