Samstag, 3. September 2011

Shopping ! (:

Hello lovelies,

I'm just back from my shopping-tour and I'm TIRED !
Well I've got enough power to right this post right now, and it's good 'cause I wanna show you some stuff I got from Bremerhaven (:
Today I didn't buy any clothes, just some nice accessorize. Hope you like them ;)

A scissors-necklace:

A vintage-ring (sorry for bad quality):

A black tie:

Cat-eyes-Nerd glasses :D :

I also took some pics with the glasses and the tie, hope you like them also :)

xoxo Olja


  1. thank you! :)
    I just followed you!

  2. thanks for comment :o)
    u have a really cute blog. beautiful pics, i like it!

  3. I love those shades and bracelet! A great sense of style that you`ve got <3 xx

  4. Hello Olja :)

    you have a very nice blog too.
    the pictures are beautiful. :)

    xoxo Jana.

  5. Hey,schöner Blog.Hab dich gleich mal abonniert!Würde mich sehr freuen wenn du auch mal bei mir vorbei schaust :) Liebe Grüße,Gina

  6. Klar verfolge ich dich! Schöner Blog!