Montag, 29. August 2011

No school ...

Hey lovelies,
this night was one of the worst nights of my life... I mean, would you like to lie in your bed without be able to sleep the whole night and having belly aches? I don't think so. So today I wasn't in the school and had a calm day :)

I woke up iat 11 o'clock and the weather ... wasn't so bad as the last days ;)

The view from my window (:

Then I just had a nice 'Troipical-Fruit' tea:

A few days ago I draw a portrait of Adriana Lima, hope you like it :

A little bit like Andy Warhol:

xoxo Olja


  1. hello doll,
    I finally got a chance to get out your blog. I love it. It's so cute & you are adorable! I am definitely going to follow your blog.
    keep in touch.

    xxx. Tasha Marie

  2. oh, i love how you turned it into an andy-warhol-esque print. very cool. following!

    xxAttention, Attention!

  3. hey, thank u for the nice comment :>, where r u from ?. nice blog by the way ;).

  4. oh thx for your nice comment.i really like your blog too.and it makes me also very proud because im from germany & that you find my blog ! ((:

    where are you from ? ((: